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2016 . 05 . 31

Legend Holdings Exhibition Hall is to take off soon

In the time when the North American was yet to be developed, a group of early settlers who were dedicated to seeking for opportunities and pioneering lifted America out of poverty and built the most powerful country on earth. In the early days of China’s opening up, guided by the spirit of “Serving the Country through Industrial Development” the business community represented by Liu Chuanzhi, the founder of Lenovo, also kept up with the pace of time to upgrade the comprehensive strength and international status of China by means of outstanding entrepreneurship, bringing China back to the center of the world stage.

It is in this spirit that the Legend Holdings Exhibition Hall exhibits every ideological leap in Legend Holdings’ history by way of milestones, which manifest the ideological development of Liu Chuanzhi and his team, showing how they had driven the development and evolvement of China in each stage. It also implies the numerous challenges that had been conquered and those yet to be conquered by Legend Holdings.

In an sensitive way, this exhibition hall will showcase Legend Holdings’ business philosophy that has evolving through unceasing exploring, practicing and lesson-drawing, whose entrepreneurial spirit and corporate culture have been carried down from generation to generation. Meanwhile, Legend Holdings shoulders up its own social responsibilities by leveraging years of experience to support the growth and expansion of millions of Chinese enterprises, so as to contribute more to Chinese economy and work together toward the vision of “Serving the Country through Industrial Development”. And then the vision and goal of Legend Holdings will be unfolded, and the lighting of the whole exhibition hall will turn warmer to create an atmosphere of strength and hope.